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Why Do Smoke Alarms Go Off After Installing New Batteries?

Smoke alarms are essential in homes, business places, and other establishments since they notify you of possible fire outbreaks. They can help keep your loved ones and property safe from fire accidents. Unfortunately, replacing the batteries can cause the smoke detector to keep chirping. So, we'll discuss how to stop the smoke alarm from chirping after a new battery installation.

Types Of Smoke Detectors

So, there are two types of smoke alarms; battery-operated and hardwired smoke alarms. Let's look at them in detail below.

  • Battery-Operated Smoke Detectors

As the name suggests, these smoke alarms operate on battery power. That means they can run low, and you'll need to replace them, which is what the chirping smoke detector is basically saying.

  • Hardwired Smoke Alarms

A hardwired smoke detector runs on electricity. While these alarms primarily rely on your electrical system to operate, they also have a battery backup to ensure they work even in a power outage. When these batteries run out of juice, they also cause the smoke detector to chirp.

How To Stop Smoke Alarm Chirping After New Battery Installation

If you still have a beeping smoke detector after changing the battery, then you'll need to reset it to clear the error from the device's processor. Here's how to do it:

  • Hardwired Alarms

Start by switching off the electric circuit breaker to ensure the smoke detector doesn't have any current as you handle it.

Next, open the smoke alarm from the mounting bracket to access the battery drawer. Take out the new batteries and long-press the "Test" button for about 15 seconds. At this point, the alarm should sound shortly and then quiet down. Now, return the battery to the battery compartment and restore the power cable and install the device on the brackets. When you turn your circuit breaker on, the smoke detector will once again chirp to confirm power is restored and then it'll get silent.

  • Battery-Operated Smoke Detectors

For these smoke alarms, first, remove the battery from the device and hold the "Test" button down for a minimum of 15 seconds. This should cause the smoke alarm to beep quickly and then go silent. Reinstall the battery backup and listen for a chirp to confirm the device is back in operation. If the smoke alarm doesn't stop beeping, you should check it for obstructions.


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